Pro-TC Wing Kit (200mm)

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for 200mm TC

Part #: 1720-01

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PROTOform’s Pro-TC Wing Kit is the ultimate aerodynamic tuning option for your 200mm nitro touring car. The Pro-TC kit is formed from extra-stiff .040” Lexan® for low deflection under high downforce loads and gives added durability during those unwanted tumbles.

In development, we combined 20 years of aerodynamics experience with the input of our world-class team of drivers. Each Pro-TC kit includes two wings with different levels of downforce high downforce and standard downforce  and 4 endplates.

The Pro-TC Wing Kit fits all 200mm PROTOform bodies and meets all IFMAR/EFRA/BRCA/ROAR body standards. In order to keep your centre of gravity low and to save weight from the extra thick lexan®, we recommend leaving your wing unpainted.

Please note: All bodies are sold in crystal clear lexan® and are painted for advertising purposes only. Body in photo not included.

Click Here for painting tips

Race electric instead? The Pro-TC Wing Kit is available for 190mm bodies as well!


1720-01 | Pro-TC Wing Kit for 200mm Touring Cars

  • Pulled in genuine heavyweight .040” Lexan®
  • Two different downforce levels for fine tuning
  • Extra stiff for added downforce and durability

  • Width without endplates: 7.68 ” (195mm)
  • Chord/Depth: 1.968” (50mm)
  • End Plate Width: 1.968” (50mm)
  • End Plate Height: 1.378” (35mm)
  • Weight: Approx. 13 grams

The Pro-TC wing kit is made for ultra fast tracks where speeds are high enough that deflection becomes an issue with a standard or light weight wing. It can also be used as a tuning option for tighter tracks for a more "locked down" rear end.

  • High Downforce Wing (1 pc.)
  • Standard Downforce Wing (1 pc)
  • End plates (4 pcs.)
  • PROTOform Decal Sheet

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