Paul Lemieux - PROTOform Race Bodies

PROTOform congratulates team driver Paul Lemieux on his amazing Double ROAR National Championship this past weekend at Nugget’s Ranch Raceway in Arcadia, FL!

Lemieux's SRS-N

Lemieux's SRS-N

Touring Car Nitro saw Team PROTOform’s DJ Apolaro set TQ time and fast lap of the finals with his PROTOform SRS-N. It was Lemieux, though, who drove away from the field by 3 laps to take his first trophy of the day. He had this to say: “The SRS-N has great on-power stability, which helped me get from corner to corner faster. Also, its aggressive front and rear end aerodynamic features provide really good traction for a balanced car.”

In the 1/8th Scale Final, Paul worked his PROTOform PFR18 through the field from 6th place on the grid to win the hour-long race by an amazing 4 laps. “The PFR18′s small, forward cockpit design keeps more air on the rear of the body. Mounted normally, it has amazing stability, or mounted slightly forward the body has a balance of more front and rear grip, resulting in great overall traction.”

9 of 10 drivers chose PROTOform race bodies, with an almost even split of five PFR18s and four P909s, the reigning IFMAR World Champion race body. Joaquin Desoto and Apolaro, who again had the quickest lap of the final, rounded out the podium sweep.

ROAR Fuel On-Road Nationals Touring Car Nitro Final

  1. Paul Lemieux // PROTOform SRS-N
  2. Mike Swauger
  3. Paolo Morganti
  4. DJ Apolaro (TQ)  // PROTOform SRS-N
  5. Scotty Gray // PROTOform SRS-N
  6. Eduardo Cabal // PROTOform SRS-N
  7. Scott Kimbrow
  8. Billy Bowerman
  9. Eric Jones // PROTOform SRS-N
  10. Anthony Schimizzi

ROAR Fuel On-Road Nationals 1/8th Scale Final

ROAR Fuel Nats 1/8th Scale Podium

ROAR Fuel Nats 1/8th Scale Podium

  1. Paul Lemieux // PROTOform PFR18
  2. Joaquin Desoto // PROTOform P909
  3. DJ Apolaro // PROTOform PFR18
  4. Paolo Morganti
  5. Brian Thomas // PROTOform PFR18
  6. Scott Kimbrow // PROTOform PFR18
  7. Roniel Rogalado // PROTOform P909
  8. Kenny Ives Jr. // PROTOform P909
  9. Ted Hammer // PROTOform P909
  10. Mike Swauger // PROTOform PFR18

Apolaro's TQ SRS-NDJ Apolaro - Touring Car Nitro TQLemieux's National Champion PFR18 in Action

Thanks to David Larry for the photos.